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In the same way that the artist creates captivating masterpieces, THALISSI sculpts beauty in you thanks to formulas inspired by ancestral therapies and natural ingredients.


Through the THALISSI's line of natural beauty products, we find that connection between our inner being and nature, which provides us with balance and harmony that are reflected in our skin.


Skin care is an art in which THALISSI discovers your captivating beauty.

your skin radiates light and strength

Its soft and sweet aroma transports us to the still traditional crops of the saffron flower and to a warm afternoon under the argan trees, from which we extract the oil of its fruits, present in this line.


Our anti-aging collection that keeps your complexion elastic, soft and luminous, and helps you combat wrinkles and expression lines. In addition, thanks to the properties of saffron, it counteracts the effect of external aggressions and prevents the appearance of spots.

Its incredibly silky textures blend perfectly with your skin to reveal all its youth.

With your skin Saffron extract and argan oil unfold all their anti-aging benefits and allow you to build your own beauty, achieving bright, smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

A unique combination of natural active ingredients that recover the youth of your skin, provide extra luminosity, unify the tone and provide extra hydration.



Its antioxidant power provides the skin with natural protection against external agents. Its regenerating effect helps to visibly reduce wrinkles, making the skin look younger and more radiant.

Crocin Carotein, an anti-aging active ingredient present in saffron, improves cell function, strengthens the natural barrier against free radicals and controls the enzyme tyrosinase, one of those responsible for skin pigmentation.



Contains fatty acids and vitamin E to naturally moisturize and soften skin. It plays a spectacular role in cell renewal and regeneration. It is rich in antioxidants so it reduces and prevents wrinkles. Provides luminosity, elasticity and softness to the face. It affects wrinkles and skin dryness, reduces the visible traces left by acne marks and stretch marks. Its great regenerative power helps in the healing and renewal of damaged skin.


Connect with the marine biosphere

The marine biosphere is home to precious natural treasures such as algae, plankton or pearls, which have highly beneficial moisturizing, nourishing and repairing properties for the skin. Your collection of natural marine cosmetics that respects the environment that provides hydration, comfort and luminosity.

In a unique enclave such as the Mediterranean, civilizations have been able to enjoy the benefits of the sea for health and skin, being a source of beauty well known to all.

THALISSI marine line transports you to the depths of the seas, extracting its benefits and respecting the biosphere that inspires us every day.

Pearl Stickers


A powerful alliance between the sea and your skin to enhance your beauty. The white pearl acts as an explosion of benefits for your skin:

  • Protects the skin and enhances its active resistance to aggressive outdoor conditions such as the sun, cold, pollution...

  • It stimulates cell regeneration and favors the synthesis of cytokeratins.

  • Deeply nourishes thanks to amino acids and microelements. 

  • "Pearly light effect" fresh and youthful skin instantly





Algae contain amino acids that smooth expression lines and provide luminosity. Rich in zinc and magnesium, they act as a protective shield for the skin against external aggressions. They facilitate cell function and renewal. Their antioxidant function makes them a natural anti-aging active ingredient.

Crithmum Maritimum or sea fennel is an active antioxidant rich in vitamins A and E, iodine and mineral salts. Powerful collagen activator, which visibly improves skin elasticity and keeps it firm.

Plankton, specifically phytoplankton, strengthens cell cohesion and thus the skin barrier. It acts as an inhibitor of the production of free radicals, so it controls cellular oxidation and with it the vitality and rejuvenation of the skin.

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