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Vida Glow Advanced Liquid Collagen*5 Boxes FREE 1

Vida Glow Advanced Liquid Collagen*5 Boxes FREE 1

Firm skin and smooth fine lines on-the-go. ​As part of your daily beauty routine, Collagen Liquid Advance delivers a double dosage of Natural Marine Collagen and added antioxidant complex to address skin ageing.


Collagen Liquid Advance is a boosted, higher-dose collagen peptide supplement in a bioavailable and delicious berry-flavoured liquid. Formulated with 5g of Vida Glow’s clinically proven Natural Marine Collagen, antioxidant complex B-Blend4, vitamin C to enhance collagen synthesis and manuka honey – results for firm skin, thick hair and strong nails are supercharged.


Integrated into your routine, Collagen Liquid Advance is a convenient, ready-to-consume liquid collagen that stimulates collagen production with less daily supplementation. Innovated for advanced ageing concerns, simply tear and sip straight from the sachet. Smoothing wrinkles, plumping fine lines and improving skin firmness and elasticity – anywhere you go.


How to consume ?


Take one collagen shot a day, every day. One pack equals to double dosage.


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    Natural Marine Collagen is made from sustainably sourced fish skin. More specifically, our collagen is made using the discarded skin of responsibly farmed fish (to avoid placing too much demand on one species).

    Our marine collagen is activated through a natural hydrolysation process. So our peptides are small in weight – and high in impact.


    A powerful antioxidant that plays a crucial role in collagen synthesis.


    Vida Glow’s signature antioxidant complex for enhanced skin benefits, containing a potent synergy of pomegranate, blackcurrant, goji berry and acerola cherry.

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