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VANZO Gift Box Set G

VANZO Gift Box Set G

Surprise your loved ones with Vanzo's car and home air fresheners ! We have picked the best sellers for you so your loved ones could enjoy them all. What is more than scents that lasts, just like your love for them. 


Scent Description

English Pear & Freesia - The scent like the fresh aromatic sweet smell of pear wrapped around the delicate scents of freesia to create a gentle fragrance.

White Musk & Rose - The scent is like preserving the freshness of the rose buds and the tenderness of the first blooms, to the full bloom, three different layers of scents are refined, presenting a whole precious rose, and finally through the white musk, the rose is perfectly set off, and leaving a charming residue rhyme.


What's included in this box?

1x 65ml 1818 Vanzo LX Dashboard English Pear & Freesia Series

1x 70ml 2266 Vanzo Lx Dashboard Goddess Series (White Musk & Rose)

1x 100ml 3355 Vanzo Duo Series English Pear & Freesia

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