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Thalissi Skincare Set (Seafoam*1 + Seadrop*1 +Gold Serum*1 +Intensive Cream*1)

Thalissi Skincare Set (Seafoam*1 + Seadrop*1 +Gold Serum*1 +Intensive Cream*1)

What's included in the Thalissi Skincare Set ?

Thalissi Sea Drop Lotion 250ML

Thalissi Sea Drop is your first step to your skincare routine after cleansing, with it's scent and softness cares for your skin like the soft sea breeze.This formula is gentle enough to clean deeply and also enhance the skin surface, firmness, smoothness, softens and refreshes.


This unique lotion maintain, balancing PH level and hydration, your skin will look deeply hydrated and balanced and will radiate light. Smoothes and firms the skin achieving a velvety finish.


With Thalissi Sea Drop, it's time to prepare your skin for your daily beauty ritual with this infusion of white pearls and Mediterranean algae.


Thalissi Sea Foam Cleanser 250ML

Immerse yourself in the deep sea and discover its richness and purity. Born from the luxurious natural combination of white pearl and seaweed, a sumptuous cleansing foam with a silky texture with an anti-radical effect that leaves the complexion relaxed, energized, toned, clean and protected against free radicals.


This foam removes dirt and excess oil, tones the skin and leaves it energized. Cleans the pores deeply. Eliminates impurities and restores the skin barrier, leaving a soft and clean on your skin.


Thalissi Nectar Natural Gold Concentrated Serum 30ML

Thalissi Nectar Natural Gold Concentrated Serum is an exclusive serum with an ultra-light texture that moisturizes in depth and gives the face a new youth, thanks to its anti-aging properties, preventing the appearance of blemishes and expression lines. Its formula contains allergen-free perfume.


Thalissi Natural Gold Essence Argan Intensive Cream 50ML + 20ML

Thalissi Natural Gold Essence Argan Intensive Cream has an incredibly melting, silky fluid and velvety texture with a soft aroma of muguet rose make its application a complete sensory experience from the first application.


Keeps your skin hydrated in cold or hot weathers and reduces wrinkles and expression lines, provides extra luminosity and unifies the tone. 


Suitable for all skin types including dry/sensitive skin.

Natural Ingredients. Made In Spain.


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