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Lovekins Ultra Thin Super Pads 290mm (8 pcs)

Lovekins Ultra Thin Super Pads 290mm (8 pcs)

Lovekins Ultra Thin Super Pads provide confidence and protection when managing your period. They are made with luxuriously soft Australian Cotton woven into a breathable top sheet layer for exceptional comfort. Our SlimTech ™* innovation utilises heat to bind the layers in the core of the Pad, making it extremely thin, lightweight and able to absorb 40 times its weight without using harsh chemical glues. Our Super Pads will leave you feeling fresh, dry and protected during the day or night and are suitable for moderate to heavy flow.


Why choose Lovekins Ultra Thin Super Pads ?

- 0.1cm ultra thin pad. Extra breathable layers to stay fresh and dry. 

- Flexi-bod contoured design for the perfect fit.

- Multi-layer backing and secured wings for leak control.

- Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

- No chlorine, fragrances or dyes.

- Endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives.

- Made Safe. Non Toxic Certified.

- Australian Designed. Made responsibly in China in an ISO9001 facility exclusively for Lovekins.

  • Main ingredients

    Soft Australian Cotton woven into breathable layers for exceptional comfort. Our eco-friendly pads will keep future generations of women to be healthy and confident.

  • Super (8 pieces)

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