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RUWEN Color Contrast Vest Deep Blue

RUWEN Color Contrast Vest Deep Blue

Shoutout to the Blue Lovers ! This limited edition deep blue vest has the prettiest contrast colour, blue like the deep ocean, with some white finishing colour like a boat floating on the ocean. The vest uses carefully selected 20D high elastic interlining main fabric, soft and light-weighted, with excellent elasticity and zero bound feeling along with 5A Antibacterial and hyaluronic acid properties that protects and nourishes sensitive skin.

  • Deep V-shaped neck design leaves you with a sexy and aesthetic feel.
  • The straps and underband is designed with white contrast colour, leaves it as a simple appeal to the edition. Wider straps for extra security and pleasant, preventing straps from slipping.
  • The inner layer of the vest is integrated with a micro-elastic mesh knitted yarn belt that gathers and prevent your breast from sagging as it is wire free. In addition, the inner layer are comprised of soft cotton, which is skin friendly, super breathable, moisture wicking.
  • The paddings adopts an air-permeable semi-fixed drip shape, which gathers and fits smoothly, improves the fit of wearing and effectively solve running and rolling cups caused by washing and wearing.
  • Comes with an antibacterial and anti-melanin panty. The panty's waistband matches the bra's colour, enhancing the overall aesthetic design, displaying its uniqueness and charm.


What's included ?

1 x Deep Blue Vest

1 x Complimentary panty

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