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Eimele Shine Greens x 5 Boxes Free *36 sachels of Shine Greens

Eimele Shine Greens x 5 Boxes Free *36 sachels of Shine Greens

Shine Greens. Daily Greens (30 sachets/box | Net WT 150G) x 5 Boxes FREE 36 sachels of SG



Shine Greens is your daily greens formula created with specific ingredients that support your body's natural detoxification process, boost your immunity and gut health, support the gut microbiome and promote optimal function of key organs. 


Shine Greens has a speciality blend of nutrient dense, plant-based wholefood ingredients, fibre, pre- and probiotics that are known to benefit the liver, kidneys and intestine. With 70% of your immune system located in the gut, looking after your gut health is key to living a healthy life. 

Shine greens is a daily powdered greens supplement. Simply mix a satchet with water, juice, a smoothie or with your favourite dish.


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  • Shine Greens is a three-in-one formula that supports detoxification at every level. By targeting the main organs of elimination - the kidneys, liver and gut, Shine Greens is able to neutralise and safely remove harmful toxins.

    The three unique blends for the gut, liver and kidneys contain potent plant ingredients, antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. The optimal function of these organs can reduce toxicity and inflammation, improve digestion, increase energy and aid better sleep

    Digestion Support

    A combination of probiotic bacteria and whole food prebiotic fibre supports a healthy gut microbiome and digestive health. Fibre assists toxin elimination from the gut, while marine magnesium supports healthy bowel motions.

    Reduce Bloating

    Digestive enzymes from papaya aid in the breakdown of foods, supporting digestion and reducing bloating. The probiotics contained in Shine Greens also assist the digestive process while helping to reduce gas.

    Improve Vitality & Energy

    Improving digestion and toxin elimination through increasing plant fibre helps to enhance energy and vitality. B vitamins, iron and magnesium provide essential support for energy production.

    General Health & Wellbeing

    Essential nutrients, polyphenols, antioxidants, prebiotic fibre and probiotics help to reduce inflammation and enhance whole body health.

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