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다이아몬드 스트랩 블루 에디션

다이아몬드 스트랩 블루 에디션

KISSY RUWEN Diamond strap edition is noble and unique with high saturation + simple design, bright and elegant, leading a new trend of comfort and mesmerising charm. A chic underwear that is neither exaggerated, so you can be your own queen in your everyday life.


This Diamond edition underwear can not only satisfy daily wear, but also make you stand out ! Both shoulder straps can be switched at will, can be simple & dazzling, it's perfect !


Materials: High Elastic Lycra spandex + Multifunctional Nylon Fabrics. The fabrics are ultra-thin and light, with fast elasticity and flexible rebound speed.

This fabrics adopts a new patented yarn technology- Collagen Silk

Collagen Silk contains functional effects like collagen, anion, antibacterial, deodorant, cool feeling, to provide a different kind of comfort.

Cotton Coasters uses new technology 3D super soft fatty cotton.

Fatty cotton prevents yellowing, anti-odour, washing resistance, zero touch, high resilience and other functions.

Inner mesh design has better breathability & moisture wicking effect.

Seamless & wireless design & under-band


Suitable for all skin types, pregnant women too.

*Note: The blue is like teal blue*


What's included ?

1x Diamond Straps Bra with diamond straps

1x Extra thinner coaster paddings

1x Pair of normal straps

1x Diamond Seamless Panties

    Colour: 파란색
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