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Cycling Pants X8 Tide Green

Cycling Pants X8 Tide Green

Introducing the newly upgraded KEEXUENNL X8 Cycling Pants ! These pants are designed with a "X" for more compression on the abdomen and waist area and much more advanced in overall support.  Uses multifunctional nylon fibre with LYCRA spandex fabrics, zero bondage, super light weighted & comfortable to wear everyday to exercise.


Optimizing invisible weaving technology to conceal copper ion fibers on the fabrics, which helps support the body's metabolism, which is healthy and safe, anti-mite,antibacterial,comfortable, breathable and most importantly soft and close fitting. The fine knitting is more durable, it moves with your body and it is not easy to pill or deform. Copper ion fiber also helps to promote blood circulation when you exercise and move your body !


  • Material: 91.6% Multifunctional Nylon + 8.4% Lycra Spandex
  • Moisture Wicking and Ultra Sweat Absorption
  • Fat-burning, hip-lifting, calf muscles slimming fitness, shaping, everyday versatile all-round leggings.
  • Micro pressure & lift effect upgrade for abdomen & buttocks.
  • 200% Microcapsules & Hyaluronic acid that deeply moisturizes, rejuvenates and maintaining the skin's moisture balance to beautiful looking skin, added anti-oxidant additives to slow down skin aging.
  • Tightens and reduces loose fat/cellulitis, adjust the pelvis, tuck the belly & lift buttocks.


All in one size (Free size) 35-75KG | 145-175CM


Content of Box:

1x pair of Cycling Pants X8 Tide Green

    AU$55.00 일반가
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