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클래식 조끼 누드

클래식 조끼 누드

KISSY RUWEN Classic Nude Vest is so refined and conservative, comfort yet seamlessly elegant with the design & high quality fabrics wise, leaving you an unforgettable feeling. If you like natural comfort, this will be your pick for everyday wear !


- First patented comfortable material upgraded, seamless and wireless

- Material: 100 Italy Cotton modal + multifunctional nylon fibre + German fibre fabrics

- Upgraded shoulder strap details, anti-slip shoulder & under band prevent slipping.

- Seamless, wireless, zero bondage and traceless and soft on skin

- Breathable 360 air vent coasters

- Comes with an antibacterial seaweed fabric crotch undies and a pair of extra thinner paddings.

Suitable for all skin types, including pregnant women.


What's included ?

1x Classic Vest Style Bra

1x Pair of thinner coaster paddings

1x Seamless underwear

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