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VANZO Car Mini Vent Perfume - Lavender 2ML

VANZO Car Mini Vent Perfume - Lavender 2ML

Elevate your daily drive with our Car Mini Vent Perfume. Enjoy a long-lasting, powerful fragrance with adjustable intensity. Its sleek, compact design fits any car vent, making every commute a fragrant delight.


Crafted to perfection, it offers:

- Long-lasting Fragrance: Keeps your car smelling great for a full month, adapting to different conditions.
- Perfect Aromatic Scent: Enjoy a powerful and lasting fragrance, thanks to advanced technology.
- Sleek and Compact: Fits perfectly in your car with a stylish design.
- Adjustable Intensity: Customize the fragrance to your liking using the adjustable lid.
- Fits Any Vent: The 360-degree swivel clip ensures it works with any car vent.


Scent Options:

Cool Ice
Brisk, clean and bold scent, attractive and luxury design, high-quality, strong and long-lasting scent.


Flora Blossom
Fresh smell, passionately extracted from Nature and blended with luxury, Unique fragrances designed exclusively


Floral and fresh, woodsy fragrance with an intriguing edge, tranquil and relaxing.

  • Fragrance Lifespan: 30 days (varies with conditions)
    Fragrance Options: Cool Ice, Flora Blossom, Lavender
    Installation: Easy clip-on design for any car vent type
    Volume: 2ml

    Size: 7.7 cm (L) x 2 cm (W) x 18 cm (H)

    Product Sku: MV LAVENDER

AU$12.90 일반가
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