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뷰티 백 스트랩 브라 그레이

뷰티 백 스트랩 브라 그레이

Introducing RUWEN New Beauty Back Strapless & Adjustable Bra ! They are made of 15D High Elastic Jinkang Yarn Multifunctional fibre fabrics, that are:-

  • Antibacterial AAA Grade
  • Moisture absorption and perspiration
  • Prevent bad odour
  • UV Proof
  • Produces Negative Ions


The straps are removable and you can change to different strap styles leaving you a special matching experience ! Also with breathable 360 air-vent coasters and skin friendly ! Suitable for daily wear or sports ! Comfortable & stylish !


Suitable for all skin types, including pregnant women.


What's included ?

1x Adjustable Strapless bra

    Colour: 회색
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