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RUWEN Anti-Slip Tube Top Silk Bra Black

RUWEN Anti-Slip Tube Top Silk Bra Black

Every women dresses up in styles, and this is wait you're looking for ! It is naturally lightweight and hard-core to prevent falling off, giving a sense of stability and security, making every outfit experiences effortlessly sleek !


  • The main fabric is made of soft and highly elastic nylon and spandex, which combines good breathability, soft and skin friendly feel.
  • It inhibits a honeycomb-shaped coaster with more than 300 fine air ventilation holes. It weights only half of that of ordinary cotton cups, making it easy to breathe.
  • The inner side of the cotton cup is embedded with cartilage support to prevent stretching and changing the cup shape when wearing, and stabilizes the 3D fullness of the breast shape; the lining is made of natural and environmentally friendly silk brocade fabric, which is antibacterial and skin-nourishing, has a delicate touch, improved wearing fit and wear resistance. In addition, the inner layer's craftmanship has been smartly upgraded, adding a full ammonia anti-slip strip with excellent rebound, which can stick to the skin without any trace/will not fall off, able to avoid deformation caused by washes.
  • Contains comfortable and invisible ear buckles, and comes with shoulder straps of the same color, so we could wear with or without the straps and there is multiple ways to wear your tube top !
  • The side edges are made of non-slip fabric and mesh to effectively enhance breathability, accurately fit the breasts along with elasticity without being stuffy.


What's Included ?

1x Anti-slip tube top silk bra black

1x pair of shoulder straps of the same colour

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